Time & Money

Courtesy of Shawn Olson Creative Arts,www.shawnolson.net

Courtesy of Shawn Olson Creative Arts,

The Superbowl is fast approaching, and many of us (myself included) are anticipating the most exciting part of the annual American tradition: commercials. It’s no secret that advertisers spend millions of dollars to secure thirty second commercial spots each year, just to tap into the viewing audience that watches the game. All of this crazy and excessive spending has got me thinking about time and money. The old adage says that time is money. But based on these obscene expenditures, is time really money? Or is it something more?

I’m going to go with the something more. I believe time equals opportunity. Opportunity is desirable, and therefore costs money. The opportunity to reach millions of guaranteed viewers during the Superbowl Halftime Show is extremely desirable, so it literally costs a fortune.

Recently I’ve been applying this same principle of opportunity cost to my own life. If an opportunity is worthwhile, I’m willing to pay, either monetarily or with time. If not, I let it go.

A great example of a worthwhile expense for me was hiring moving men to assist with moving furniture from my apartment to new house. It would have taken me ALL DAY (no exaggeration) just to move my sofa into the moving van, forget out of the van and into my new pad. Of course, that doesn’t include any other furniture, boxes or other belongings. It was absolutely worth it for me to pay a couple of movers to help me out. I spent $300, and they moved everything out of the apartment, onto the van, and from the van into the house. It was beautiful, and done within mere hours. Best of all, I didn’t even break a sweat! It was completely worth the money I paid because it created the opportunity for me move in a single day and focus on unpacking.

Conversely, I was recently offered the opportunity to work on Saturdays for an extra $100 per week. This opportunity isn’t quite as worthwhile. Sure, and extra $100 would come in very handy. But at what expense? Friday will become yet another work night. I’ll have to get up with my alarm clock on Saturday morning and surrender my sweet sleeping in time. Not just that, I’ll have to cancel any plans I would have had with family and friends. On top of all that, I’ll have to actually go to work. Is the opportunity really worth my time in this case? No, I’m not being bratty. These things are real considerations for me, which means I have to seriously consider whether this opportunity is worth its cost.

The main idea here is to always weigh your options. Different people have different priorities. Different opportunities have different values. Consider your options and be honest with yourself about what opportunities are worth to you.

To all my football fans out there, enjoy the game! Go Ravens!


2 thoughts on “Time & Money

  1. Had movers both times I moved. Totes worth it especially with my Formica furniture, but unfortunately the 2nd time around it cost quite a bit more than $300. First time was about that. Either way, well worth it!!!
    And, I hear you on Saturday work. $100 would not get me commuting on a Sat but I’ve been lucky enough to work my summer job every so often on the wkends and that’s way more effortless, so the opportunity was worth my time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy your weekends, and the Super Bowl! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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