College: The Aftermath


I remember a lot about college. Where to begin; the parties? The classes? The dating scene? It may not have been quite as wild as portrayed in “Animal House,” but I still remember it like it was yesterday. The one thing I don’t remember is accumulating all of my student debt. Sure, I had an academic scholarship and a job, but I still managed to accumulate nearly $20,000 in student loan debt from my undergraduate degree. Luckily, I wised up before I began grad school, and accepted a fully subsidized fellowship for my masters degree. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to pay down my student loan debt, and plan to have a $0 balance by the time I turn 30.

How did I manage it you ask? The truth is that it hasn’t been easy. I committed myself to pay more than the minimum each month, no matter what. I also made it a point to take overtime work, and committed at least part, if not all, of my extra income to my student loans. Most importantly, no matter what was happening, I stuck to my plan!

This is not to say I neglected my other responsibilities. I still saved, contributed to my retirement, paid my bills, paid off credit cards, bought a home, made some investments, and even did a bit of traveling. I made this all work out by creating a balanced budget and sticking to it, even when times got tough. You can do it too. Create a plan, commit yourself, and make it happen!


2 thoughts on “College: The Aftermath

  1. Great inspiration for all the future grads out there who are looking to eliminate their debt shortly after they graduate college. Thanks for sharing!

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