Chickvesting Inspiration

I’ve had some inquiries from readers about the title of this blog. Why Chickvestor? Why not Dudevestor? Or maybe the completely politically correct Personvestor? Does it have to be sexist? Why target women over men?

My response is simple: experience.

Growing up, I watched my parents struggle with their finances. I knew there was something they were missing that I needed to know, so I began educating myself at a young age. By the time I was in middle school I had subscribed to Motley Fool and began tracking the stock market. I even asked my parents for stock to start my portfolio for my fourteenth birthday.

Once I entered my twenties, and I started trying to have conversations about money with friends. I noticed immediately that my male friends were far more willing to engage in conversations about money and to talk about their challenges and successes. They were more open about their salaries and financial goals, and had more financial knowledge. Meanwhile, my female friends seemed far more guarded, and avoided talking about money as if it was impolite or taboo. On the occasions when I managed to engage them in conversation, I often learned that they were in debt, or having trouble managing their money. I even found that some of my friends didn’t have basic budgeting skills or financial knowledge (“What’s a 401k?”), and in extreme cases didn’t even know how much money they were making! I found it troubling, and I knew that there had to be a way to reach these women and help them pave their own financial road. I had the knowledge, but I was missing the necessary platform to reach my audience. I decided that I had to create a safe, friendly place where anyone could access financial advice that was interesting, entertaining and informative to help empower people through knowledge.

Hence, The Chickvestor was born.

As a side note, I know we are all on our own life and financial paths, and that we all have varying degrees of expertise, knowledge, and experience. To all the financially savvy women and men out there, please know that I support you and appreciate your support! You are awesome just the way you are the title of this blog isn’t intended to discriminate or make any assumption about you. Rather, it’s meant to inspire you and help you through the financial journey you are taking each and every day. No matter where you are on your journey, if you need help, have questions, or would like to read a post on a specific topic, please comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you with the information that you need!

P.S. Thanks to Ali Rosenblum for the inspiration to write this post!


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