Shopping on a Budget


Displaying my finds after a shopping at the local consignment store.

Last week, during my wanderings around my new ‘hood (I recently moved), I spotted an answer to this conundrum; the local consignment store. For those of you unfamiliar with consignment, it’s a secondhand shop where you can bring clothing or other items you don’t use anymore. The shop owner agrees to sell the item for you, and once your item is sold, you get a cut of the profit. If you’re not ready to let go of any items in your carefully curated closet, you can always do some good old fashioned shopping too.

Back to my shopping experience. The aforementioned shop is my new favorite because it features designer consignment. That means designer clothing, usually new or in like-new condition. The biggest perk: most of the denim is already hemmed – a definite plus if you are less than 5’10”.

My excursion was quite the success. I acquired the following pieces for $70: A black long sleeve scoopneck top (still new, from Bloomingdales), a striped turtleneck blouse (also new, from Anthropologie), and a purple Diane von Furstenberg dress. The dress was pre-loved, but I was willing to commit because after careful inspection, the dress was in new condition, excellent quality, fit like a glove, just missing the tags.

Shopaholics, fear not! Going on a budget doesn’t have to mean giving up your personal style or favorite brands. Rather, it might just mean adjusting your shopping habits and maybe even finding the local consignment store near you.

Shout out to Lucky Finds Boutique for a very productive and budget friendly shopping experience!


8 thoughts on “Shopping on a Budget

  1. When I was in college I sold a bunch of my gently used clothing to the local resale shop. You got one price if sold to her outright, and another if you waited for the item to sell (if it didn’t you didn’t make anything). I always sold my clothes outright because I didn’t want the hassle of waiting for my payment. Added bonus, the owner gave you a deep discount if you used the money you made selling to buy another item in the shop. Win-win.

    • Great tip! I think we are of like mind – I used to do something similar in college, but I used eBay rather than a local store. It was convenient for me, and helped me make the spending money I needed. I’ve been thinking of getting back into it. Always looking for creative ways to make a few dollars.

  2. those are great! I lack the patience to visit a second hand shop often and dig to find something. When I know my size and the piece I want I try ebay though.

    • Thank you! I suppose it’s true that patience is a virtue. I haven’t been on eBay in years – I will have to try it out again soon and see what I can find. Thanks for the tip!

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