Sunday Shout Outs


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This week I had tons of time to browse the interwebs because I was sick at home.  I’m finally feeling better, and although being sick was pretty awful, the silver lining was that I had plenty of time to check out and enjoy other bloggers’ writing.  Here are some of my favorites: 

How To Coupon – An Exercise in Frugality

Fear of Not Having Enough Money – Budget and the Beach

How I Became the Budgetnista (The Bike Story) – The Budgetnista

Went in the Grocery Store for One Item But… – Debt Round Up

You Vs. Debt: A Financial Guide for Controlling Your Expenses – Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

#Tag Getting to Know the “Person” Behind the PF Blog – Living Debt Free Rocks

30 Days & No Drinking – I’ll Cheer to That – Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses

Renting Out a Room in Your House – Moneyglare

10 Positive Financial Habits – No Debt Brunette

Rules for a One Night Stand – Thought Catalog (Not personal finance related, but hilarious)

Mean Spirited Friends – House Haters  – Student Debt Survivor

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and for reading this week!  See you on the other side of Monday.

xo – Christine